My VSFS fave looks


Yesterday, November 20th 2017, the most exciting, magical and spectacular fashion event of the year has taken place in Shangai. Yep, I’m talking about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! Since it’s so iconic, I decided to share with you my fave looks. You have to know I’m a little bit obsessed with Victoria’s Secret for many reasons. First of all, I love how this megaevent is always so colorful, fresh, funny, empowering and sexy! The story behind VS is so inspiring and the brand is just one of my fave ever. I mean, that lingerie is fire! I remember the first time I walked in the huge 4-floors VS store in London with my girl-friends, we stayed there more than an hour with heart-shaped eyes wandering through wings and lingerie… so damn good!

Anyway, the thing I love the most about the VSFS is how HEALTHY the models on the runway are. There are no words to describe how I feel inspired when I see the models and above all the angels. They really make me wanna work hard and take care of my self more than I actually do. I’m one of the people that finds this show empowering and not offensive. Yes, they are different from the average woman but I think it’s a great example in the fashion world industry to see these fit, strong women finally with some sexy shapes!

Said that, I hope you enjoy the pics I chose to show you from the fashion show! These year’s segments were: Goddesses, Nomadic Adventure, Winter’s Tale, Pink Nation, Porcelain Angels and PUNK ANGELS, which in my opinion was so amazing because of the collaboration with Balmain.

The angles/models in order: Taylor Hill, Adriana Lima, Josephine Skriver, Candice Swanepoel, Lais Ribeiro, Romee Strijd, Bella Hadid, Blanca Padilla, Sara Sampaio and Martha Hunt.

Which was your fave? I love them all I swear, but this year I loved Taylor Hill!

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Hello! I hope you’re having a nice Monday.😌

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Outfit of the (other) day

Hello everyone! How was your monday?

I’m still trying to organize myself and for today’s post I picked pics from the other week, that’s why it’s called “outfit od the (other) day” lol. There’s not so much to say about, it’s just me finding a pink wall in the middle of Verona with my friend! ahah

I truly love the shirt tho, I have to say I wasn’t sure about it because I thought it really wasn’t my style, with all the pearls and the oversize sleeves… but after trying it I said “damn I want it”, so there it is. If you’re wondering it’s from Zara, as well as the high waist black jeans. While the hat is from my sister’s wardrobe, but I guess you can find it almost everywhere. The thing I love of this outfit besides the shirt, is my really red lipstick! It is called Mary Jo K, and it’s from Kylie Cosmetics. I put it on in the morning and it lasted till late night, not joking.

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Hope you enjoyed, and I wish you a good week!

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Hello! I hope your week is going well☺️

I decided I wanna try something: from now on I will publish a food post every Thursday, while I’ll post another kinds of post on other days.

#tablesituation Today I wanna tell you about my breakfast at OTTIMOMASSIMO, a place I discovered with my friend from Uni. We were walking near the famous Duomo Square when we entered a little street full of cute places and OttimoMassimo just stole the scene! The place is quite tiny and it looks like a sort of garden because everything is nature themed. We went up stairs to enjoy our cappuccino, and as you can see from the second picture, we could look down on the bar counter. I had a delicious (it was the last one😏) croissant filled with almond cream, so nice!

If you’re interested the address is: Via Spadari, Milano.

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I love you so #Macha!💚




Hello everyone! How was your Monday?

Today I wanna write a post about a so-macha lovely place I wanted to try for a long time: The Macha Cafè. If you’re a big fan of Macha and you’re in Milan, then I suggest you to have a break here!

The place is a japanese-styled cafè and it’s all about Macha, a variety of green tea. My friend and I went there during our lunch break from University. We both had an avotoast with smoked salmon, and for dessert I got a Chia Pudding with red fruits while she had a macha ice cream. Everything is tasty, healthy and pleasant to look at… and green! The place is open from morning to night, so you can have breakfast, lunch and whatever you want. There are even macha-cocktails! The cafè is quite small but the atmosphere is cozy and intimate. I will surely come back to try out the sushi bowl or the sushi burger!

If you want to have a look of what it’s on their menu, you can follow their official page on Instagram, they’re very social tho! (machacafemilano)

Hope you enjoyed this post.

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48 HOURS IN VERONA – our hotel



2016-05-17 12.15.39 1 (1)

Last year, my best friend and I, decided to go to a concert in Verona, at the famous arena. So we decided to spend at least one night in the city of love. We stayed at the Sole Hotel Verona and now I’ll tell you why I recommend it. The hotel is located exactly above the Porta Nuova train station (central station), so it’s really convenient if you’re going to Verona by train. It is 6 min by car from the center and 19 min walking. It’s close to tourist attraction such as the Garda Lake or Gardaland.

The hotel has free wifi, all the rooms are soundproofed, there’s a private and guarded parking and the reception is open 24/24h as well as the bar service.

The hotel provides a “B&B” service, so there isn’t a restaurant, but only a bar and the breakfast service. Breakfast is served from 7 to 10 and you’ll find a rich buffet and a tiny lovely room.  The rooms are well designed, cleaned, cozy and new. There’s a mini-bar, a really big shower tho, a wardrobe with a light in it, and other cute stuff.

Aaaand, here’s a video from our little vacation👭:

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It’s all about the #Mask!

On my birthday, two of my dearest friends decided to give me a full set of masks and an exfoliating cleansing cream from Sephora. And I couldn’t have been happier! I just love masks, they make me feel so refreshed and of course, hydrated. I’ve been using Sephora masks just a couple of times, and I’ve always been satisfied with the products. They are really affordable and they actually do their work!

The products you see in the picture are face, hair, hands and foot sheet masks, a cream mask and an exfoliating cleansing cream:

  • Coconut hair sleeping mask + hair cup. It is nourishing and repairing, you have to apply the cream hair mask over dry hair, place cap and let it work overnight. Rinse in the moring.
  • Aloe Vera hand mask. It is ultra-moisturizing and beautifying, you have to put gloves on dry hands for 15 minutes.
  • Almond foot mask. It is comforting and repairing, you have to put socks on clean feet for 20 minutes.
  • Green tea face mask. It is mattifying and anti-blemish, you have to apply the sheet mask on your face for 15 minutes.
  • White clay mask. It is re-mineralizing and soothing cream mask, you have to apply it on clean and dry face for 15 minutes. For 4 uses.
  • Green tea exfoliating cleansing cream. It is mattifying and anti- blemish, apply it on moist skin and rinse well. You can use it to take make up off and exfoliate your skin.

In case you are looking for skin products at an affordable price I hope this post can help you out!

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First of all, you gotta know that airports are my favourite place in the world. I just love being in a place where you can take a plane that flies wherever you want, and I love seeing people running with their luggages! I always ask myself how their story may be. I mean, are they flying for pleasure, for business, for family affairs? Where are they going in the world? It’s so fascinating, isn’t it?

But.. Let’s now talk about my airport adventures back in July: my friends and I decided to make customized T-Shirts as you can see above. We decided to write #Maltagliati, which actually is a type of pasta in Italian! 😂 On the back we had our name written with a number, just like football teams. We flew with Ryanair because we found low cost tickets, but the plane was about 45 minuts late.. beside that the flight was good and we landed almost on time.

So here are some pictures where you can see Malta from the airplane window, a really excited Megan under the aircraft, the driver who took us to our airbnb home while fitting our luggages in the van, and my lovely “i’m outta here” luggage tag. The luggage tag is from Primark😉

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Love, M

#M20 – My Guests!



20th Birthday Party

20th Birthday Party

20th Birthday Party

20th Birthday Party

20th Birthday Party

20th Birthday Party

Last Friday night (Katy Perry singing in the background), I had (almost) all my favourite people reunited for my 20th birthday, and I can’t explain how grateful I am to have them all in my life. Some of them are with me since day one, others since kindergarted, others since middle school and since high school and others since just one or two years.. but it doesn’t matter how long they’ve been here, but how strong, real and fun all of these friendships are. Thank you to my four girlfriends, my boyfriend and thank you to every single one of you for being with me every year to celebrate, showing me love and taking pictures with me as well! 💃🏻🎉🍾

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Love, M